ADW Launcher 2


A few hours ago I've tweeted something about ADW2 and then the party started... People got exited about the new app and cried for download links, spamming @anderwebs twitter account and also mine...

There is no reason for anyone for trying ADW2 at the moment (except for a little playing and testing) cause it is in a very early state of development! I have no problem with the fact that some of you found the download link but don't expect any support and don't cry for help for any reason!

What ADW 2 is or will be

ADW2 is opensource and there are no plans to charge for it! There might be some ADW 2 Ex version or something but that is up to @anderwebs...

We started with a plain 2.3 launcher and ported it back to 2.1 and made it standalone. As I mentioned above it is in a very early state of development cause we rewrote some core features like the app handling and there are many things that need to be done before it is suitable for everyday use

I have seen some pages saying that ADW2 will require Android 1.5. That is wrong. It will require Android 2.1 or above!

And by the way it will take some more months until a release so don't expect something in the near future!